Most Sundays after the main service, we offer what we call "Bible Explorer Classes," often referred to simply as "BX." These classes focus on a book of the Bible, a theological topic, or part of the Christian life. We periodically take breaks from these classes for church-wide seminars, prayer meetings, and holidays. Classes include a time to mingle, eat snacks, pray with each other, and learn. This is a great way to build relationships with others in the church and grow in your faith. 

Winter 2023

January 8 - April 2

(no classes on 1/22 or 2/26)

  • It’s safe to say that the one thing we were never taught how to handle through all of our years of education was “What to do when a change has occurred in our lives?” Thus, the title for this class. Change is an interrupting force that we try to manage “on the fly,” many times not successfully. So, is change a bad thing? Or is it a good thing? Join us as we look at change from a biblical perspective by looking at the lives of Jonah, Daniel, David, Paul, others, along with the change created when you placed your faith and trust in Christ. We will also look at the process for managing change successfully.

  • Life as Exiles! Over the next quarter we will be taking a journey through the letters written by the apostle Peter. We will discover who we are in Christ, what he has in store for us, and how he sees us. Additionally, we will explore what challenges and warnings Peter has for followers of Jesus in his time and in ours.

  • This is a highly interactive class designed to help you better study and communicate the Bible. It will be useful for anyone who communicates Bible truth to anyone else (which should be all Christians!). We will be using material from Simeon Trust’s “First Principles” online course, which focuses on the most fundamental principles for studying and teaching the Bible (you can google it to find out more). Part of the class involves preparing a simple message to be shared and giving feedback to others. This class does require outside homework (~1.5 hours/week) and a $20 fee to cover material.