made for connection

Most people realize that relationships are important.  That's because we were literally made for relationship.

God created us to reflect who he is, and he is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in eternal relationship.  Bearing his image includes a deep capacity for connection.  Jesus said as much when he told us that the greatest commandments are to love God with all that we are and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

That's why we believe that connecting with God and with others is not simply a good thing; it's absolutely necessary.  God designed us to thrive and grow in healthy relationships.

Some opportunities for cultivating healthy, growing relationships are listed below.  We encourage you to dive in!

connecting opportunities

  • Bible Explorer Groups (For adults and youth, Sundays after worship) - Meet other people, share and pray for needs, interact with God's word together.  More>
  • The Zone (For middle school students, Wednesday afternoons 3:30-5:30) - Games, snacks, fun electives and life-lessons.  More>
  • Voyage (For High School students, Thursday evenings 7-9pm) Games, snacks, Bible lessons and community groups.
  • Teen Accountability Groups (For middle school teens) - Meet regularly with an adult mentor and a few friends to help each other grow in Christ. 
  • Small Groups (For men, women, and mixed groups) - Go deeper in God's love and truth while you develop stronger friendships to help you follow Christ.  More>
  • Organic Heart Change Workshops (For teens and adults) - A 4-day journey of putting biblical truth into practice so you can experience the heart of God toward you and learn to live out your true identity in Christ.  Schedule>